Using the latest technologies and modern tools and specialized machines for processing and refining wood, we offer the following services:

Chamber drying

We have a modern, efficient, automatically controlled drying room for coniferous and deciduous wood with a loading capacity of 60 m3 and high processing capacity.


We impregnate products in order to preserve them and protect them from the damaging effects of external factors and give them specific functional properties.


We have two modern paint chambers. In our factory you will paint various types of wood, wood-based panels and laminates according to the full range of colors and shades. If you cannot choose a color from a standard color palette, we are able to match the color to the pattern provided by the customer.

CNC milling

We offer 3-axis and 5-axis milling (horizontal and vertical) elements. Through the use of professional CAD/CAM software and CNC, we can perform unusual items with complex shapes.


We use modern CNC machines in an automatically controlled production process. We process wood, wood-based panels of various types including: MDF, HDF, OSB, chipboard and plywood.

3D modeling

Using CAD / CAM software we can perform model design and visualization of an element that is planned for implementation or production. With the use of modern technologies, we shorten the path from the idea to the finished product, eliminating some stages of production in order to minimize the time and reduce the costs associated with introducing modifications or completely new products.


We have hydraulic and pneumatic presses that allow proper gluing of individual elements. We have qualified staff and provide the conditions for the gluing process in accordance with DIN 6107.


We offer finishing treatment of the surface using abrasive tools as a result of which we obtain high dimensional and shape accuracy as well as low roughness. We can sand on holes, shafts and planes. We have the proper equipment, through which we cut the wood fibers without pressing them into the product, thus allowing to achieve the perfect surface in the grinding process with the required finish

Basic treatment

The company has several dozen machines for pre-treatment of wood, such as planers, four-side planers, chainsaws, milling machines, thicknesser, etc.


We offer padding and wrapping with fabric, leather or other furniture material.

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